LED Lighting

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LED Lighting

The manufacturing plant in Penang, Malaysia specializes in High Power/High Brightness LED (HBLED) Lighting Modules Assemblies using Metal Core PCB for various lighting applications. We have capability and capacity to support your HBLED modules prototype build to full volume production run. .
KESP is a Certified Manufacturing Partner under the LED Light For You Programme.
  • LED Lighting Assembly Line
    • Thermal Glue Dispensing and Curing
    • Solder Paste Printing and Thickness Checker
    • LED Mounting
    • Hot Bar Soldering and Solder Reflow
    • Conformal Coating and Curing
    • Ultra Violet (UV) Inspection System
    • Automated Optical Inspection
    • Light Up Test System
  • Products Manufactured
    • Automotive Lightings
    • Architectural Lightings
    • General Lightings
    • Industrial Lightings
Light Up Test System
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EMS IC Burn-In