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IC Burn-In

EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)

KESP has been an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Partner to its OEM Customers world wide who are major players in the electronics, data communication/telecommunication and semiconductor industry since the 1990s.

We provide one-stop manufacturing solution in Box Assembly and PCBA which include both SMT and Through-Hole processes in an either full turnkey mode or consigned mode. Our production lines are lead free capable which is in compliance to RoHS directives.

In addition to this, KESP's Chip-On-Board (COB) capability was setup in a controlled environment to compliment and expand its SMT production line, making KESP a complete one-stop PCBA facility.

We also provide customized solution and exercise flexibility in production line conversion to our customers based on their specific manufacturing requirements and standards.



  • COB Assembly Line
    • ASM Die Attach + Wire Bonder + Auto Dispenser
  • SMT Line Comprising
    • Glue Dispensing, Solder Paste Printing, Solder Paste Thickness Checker
    • Chip Mounting, IC Mounting
    • Solder Reflow and Adhesive Cure Oven
    • Automated Optical Inspection
    • 3D Vision and BGA Digital Inspection System
    • Digital Image Measurement System
    • OKI Array Package Rework Station
  • Axial Components Auto Insertion
  • Manual Insert Assembly and Wave Soldering Line
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Functional Circuit Test (FCT)
  • Jigs and Fixtures Design
  • Box Build Assembly Line
  • Real Time Production Monitoring System
  • Highly Skilled Process Development Team
  • In Process Quality Control
    • Solder Paste Thickness Measurement
    • Laser Flatness Measurement
    • Bench Top LCR Measurement
    • Automated Optical Inspection
    • Wire Pull Tester
    • Push Tester
    • Profile Projector
  • Products Manufactured
    • Audio Products
    • Automated Dispenser
    • Color Calibrator
    • Electronics Power Meter
    • Electronics Gaming Board
    • Global Positioning System (GPS) Module/System
    • Modem
    • Motion Sensor Module
    • Motor Driver Indexer
    • Power Supply
    • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag and Reader
    • Receiver and Transmitter
    • Semiconductor Tester Card
    • Test Measuring Instruments
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3D Vision & BGA Digital Imspection System
Array Package Rework Station
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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag and Reader
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Global Positioning System (GPS) Module/System
LED Lighting IC Burn-In